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Warped priorities: Obama releases NCAA ‘March Madness’ picks right on time

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Even as Vladimir Putin solidifies Russia’s hold on Crimea, President Barack Obama took time to fill out his NCAA “March Madness” basketball bracket.

This is the sixth consecutive year Obama has participated in what has come to be known as “Barack-etology,” with his picks being made public Wednesday at 9 a.m. ET.

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Ironically, the GOP released a video last year noting that Obama has never been late submitting his NCAA brackets, but has missed four of five deadlines when submitting a budget to Congress — his budget is due no later than the first Monday of February.

Yes, the president missed this year’s budge deadline.

According to ESPN, the president’s 2013 men’s bracket ranked 2,080,996 out of 8.15 million entries, placing him in the 74.4th percentile — he has picked the eventual champion only once, accurately selecting North Carolina in 2009.

Obama chose Florida, Arizona, Michigan State and Louisville to make it to the “Final Four,” but a Twitter user tweeted an “exclusive” on Obama’s Final Four bracket before the president’s picks went public.

Somehow, amid the crisis in Ukraine, the exclusive seems ever so appropriate:

But leave it to the White House to find another way to pitch Obamacare on an unsuspecting public. The following tweet was sent out that included a link to the presidents 2014 bracket, and a reminder to sign up for health insurance.


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