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Reporter announces ‘new rule’ for criticizing Obama; promptly gets hammered!

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Dylan Byers, a reporter for the left-leaning Politico, got hammered Tuesday over a suggestion he’d made about criticizing Obama, earning him a nomination for “the douchiest tweet of the day,” according to tweets gathered by the Twitchy team.

After apparently growing tired of hearing the president constantly being harped on by Twitter users, Byers offered the following:


Looking at the respective times, it only took a minute before Twitter user S.D. Winkler gave Byers an example, followed up by another and finally with an observation :




These in turn elicited other examples:




All of which earned Byers a dubious Weasel Zippers award:


Sometimes it pays to keep one’s mouth shut. Tuesday was one of those days for Byers.

Paraphrasing a Biblical verse, Abraham Lincoln once said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

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