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Top Russian laughs at US sanctions, calls Obama a ‘prankster’

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Not even Jimmy Carter was openly laughed at by Russians.

Photo: Kimono News.com

The announcement by the Obama administration and its European allies that they would respond to Russia’s takeover of the Crimean Peninsula by punishing enough people to fill a football team drew public derision Monday from one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top officials.

Sanctions against the assets of seven – seven! – wealthy Russian bigwigs and four – four! – Ukrainian apparatchiks aren’t likely to make the Kremlin shudder. Or reverse course.

Here’s what Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin had to say:

Obamaphiles love to talk about the U.S. standing in the international community, but when a former superpower that gets closer to becoming an avowed enemy with every passing day refers to the president of the United States as a prankster, it’s a pretty good sign that standing isn’t improved.

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Twitter reaction was predictable — and unfortunate. Not anger at Russian so much for acting like the expansionist thugs the country’s leaders have been for centuries (regime change doesn’t change national character), but disgust with an American administration that apparently thought having King Canute in the White House would stop the tide of history.

Meanwhile, the situation deteriorates as Vice President Joe Biden has flown his sparkling wit an international acumen to Poland and the Baltic republics to show the Obama administration is serious about stopping Russia’s habit of invading its neighbors.

Unfortunately, the best the country can expect out of that is Biden won’t tell a Polack joke while he’s there.

H/T: The Blaze

CORRECTION: This post has been altered to clarify that the Russian takeover refers to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, not Ukraine itself.


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