New RPOF ad emphasizes Charlie Crist’s enthusiasm for Obamacare

The Republican Party of Florida released a new ad emphasizing Charlie Crist’s support of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

Greg Blair, a spokesman for Rick Scott’s campaign commented on the significance of the ad, according to SSN:

“Charlie Crist is the only candidate in America who is giving Obamacare the full embrace.” “Obamacare has already cancelled health insurance for hundreds of thousands of Floridians and raided Medicare at the expense of 1.3 million Florida seniors. Now the president has finally admitted that many Americans will lose their doctors as a result. It’s appropriate that this ad is the first of its kind because there’s no bigger cheerleader for Obamacare than Charlie Crist.”

This issue didn’t work out well for Democrat Alex Sink’s bid to win Florida’s 13th Congressional seat, a race pundits had expected her to win.

The former Republican governor has since started playing on the other team and is seeking his old job back as a Democrat. But, like Sink, he’s not at all shy about his enthusiasm for the much-maligned law.

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