Iraq vet reunites with his military service dog; pays to bring pooch home

A former Air Force sergeant who reunited with his military service dog after a one-year absence appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday to discuss, among other things, how they’re adjusting to civilian life.

Mulberry, Fla. resident David Simpson was a military policemen and served as German shepherd Robbie’s dog handler for four years, when Simpson had to leave the service for medical reasons. Robbie’s enlistment wasn’t up yet, however, so he had to stay behind.

“It broke my heart,” is how Simpson described the separation.

The moment he learned that Robbie was about to be retired, Simpson spent $3,000 of his personal funds to buy a seat on the first flight he could find to bring his best friend home.

A YouTube video going around makes it clear Robbie missed Simpson as much as the former M.P. missed his canine buddy.

And how are the two handling retirement?

“I think he [Robbie] adjusted a lot easier,” Simpson told Fox host Brian Kilmeade.

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