Bloomberg ready to take on the NRA in midterms: We can outspend them

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may no longer hold office, but he hasn’t given up on promoting more gun control laws.

Bloomberg told Yahoo News’ Katie Couric that he is still hopeful that Congress will pass meaningful legislation regarding background checks on sales at gun shows.

When asked by Couric if he was going to go “toe to toe” with the National Rifle Association, Bloomberg touted wins in the Virginia governor’s, lieutenant governor’s and the attorney general’s race, adding that he will continue to be active in the midterm elections.

“You think you can really outspend the NRA and gun manufacturers?” Couric asked.

Bloomberg didn’t hesitate.

“Oh, sure,” he replied. “I’m not the only funder of this. All of these groups raise money. There are other people who understand. They want their kids to be safe.”

Couric showed a graphic of a Tweet she received which included the hashtags, “#SECONDAMENDMENT #FREEDOM #PROTECTIONFROMTYRANTS.”

Bloomberg saw that as a problem.

“Do you really want people to have guns and decide who’s a tyrant and start shooting?” he asked.

Watch the exchange here via Yahoo News:

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