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News anchor’s on air reaction to sudden L.A. earthquake is priceless

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A strong earthquake shook Los Angeles, Calif., early Monday morning.

The magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck during the local morning news programs, and the look on one anchor’s face as he felt the initial tremor was priceless.


“Earthquake!” KTLA-TV anchor Chris Schauble said with a look of surprise on his face. “We are having an earthquake.”

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And with that, he and fellow anchor Megan Henderson literally dove beneath the anchor desk as the camera continue to roll.

To his credit, Schauble proved he is a good sport who can poke fun at himself. Shortly after the quake, he changed the photo on his Twitter profile to include the classic look.


The Los Angeles Times did report that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said there were no reports of damage, but the city would investigate structures for damage.

“Today’s earthquake is a reminder that every L.A. family must be prepared with food, water and other essentials, as well as a plan,” he said. “While it appears the greatest impact of this temblor was a rude awakening, we are executing our post-earthquake protocols to survey our neighborhoods and critical infrastructure.”

H/T The Blaze

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