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John Bolton: Kerry talking to Russia is like ‘sending a cupcake to negotiate with a steak knife’

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Here’s something for the White House to chew on.

Photo: CNN.com
Secretary of State John Kerry, left, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in London last year.

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton poured  scorn on the Obama administration’s foreign policy Sunday, likening Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts to talk to his Russian counterpart about the Ukraine crisis to “sending a cupcake to negotiate with a steak knife.”

He doesn’t expect things to go well for the United States.

Bolton spoke on Fox News well before results of Crimea’s referendum on whether to stay with Ukraine or join Russia were announced, but the 95 percent vote  in favor of the province leaving Ukraine and becoming part of Russia seemed to vindicate him.

The problem, Bolton said, is that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rebranded form of Russian totalitarianism has a clear goal in mind. Meanwhile, the feckless Obama administration — its ballyhooed “reset” with Russia now the dismal failure Republicans like Mitt Romney predicted it would eventually be — keeps playing games at the United Nations pretending it matters that Putin enjoys little support internationally.

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“This is about power,” Bolton said. “Putin has it and he’s using it and we have not.”

While the United States and Europe can impose sanctions on Russia, Bolton said Putin’s goal is within reach.

“He still thinks he can get the whole thing – a [Ukrainian] government that’s subservient to Moscow’s wishes .. a government he can control, essentially.”

Whatever the methods are being used at the moment – political, economic or military – the bottom line is the same, Bolton said.

“They’re advancing in the Ukraine and we’re retreating. That’s what they care about.”

Check out Bolton’s interview here:

H/T: Independent Journal Review


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