Former stonewalled CBS reporter turns to public to help decide what’s next

Sharyl Attkisson, the former CBS investigative reporter who last week ended her 20-year association with the network, appears to be set on continuing her dogged pursuit of the stories that matter.

According to a tweet Attkisson posted on Sunday, she is giving her 46,000-plus followers on Twitter an opportunity to help plot her next step — while there have been no announcements on new employment opportunities, many feel that Fox News would be a good fit.

Known for her hard hitting reports on both the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal and the terrorist attack on Benghazi, you can be sure these stories topped the list of suggestions her tweet prompted.

Insulted sheriffs walk out of meeting at Okla.
capitol after being told to remove guns

Twitchy captured some of these responses:

There were other great suggestions, to include a very compelling comment from Timothy O’Donnell. What is certain is that wherever Attkisson lands, she will have plenty of work to keep herself busy.

Tom Tillison


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