Lefty Chris Matthews fears Dems are ‘going to get their asses handed to them in November’

Even Chris Matthews has the brains to be scared of what might happen in the fall.

MSNBC’s tiresome ranter was at it again this week in the wake of Democrat Alex Sink’s defeat at the hands of Republican David Jolly in Florida’s special congressional election. If Sink’s campaign is any example, Matthews said, Democrats are “going to get their asses handed to them this November.”

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“Alex Sink went into an election in Florida this week – the big test election – she went in there with an idea of compromise,” Matthews said. “She also said Obamacare isn’t perfect. It’s got to be fixed. I’m not going to hold the line and say everything’s great.

“But that point of view, which was so darn reasonable and good for the country’s long haul, is exploited on the other side – because they come in like – like demolition derby. They say we’re getting rid of everything. You people are all weak. We got a strong view; back to religious values; get rid of all government; and we hate Obama. That’s simple, black and white – what you call black and white, Manichaean view of the world – seems to beat the softer, more reasonable view of the world that you got from Alex Sink.”

Matthews vows that he is “determined that they pay a price for their words.”

The Republican National Committee is no doubt quaking.

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Given that Matthews is such a leftist hack that even the lefty New York Times hated his last book “Tip and the Gipper,” and given that his ratings are abysmal (less than half Greta Van Susteren’s on Fox, head to head), what Matthews is determined or not determined to do isn’t likely to change the face of the Republic.

If Republicans follow the Jolly playbook, this November might. That’s what Matthews is afraid of.

Check out Matthews’ “determined” rant here. It should be worth a chuckle come the fall.


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