Insulted sheriffs walk out of meeting at Okla. capitol after being told to remove guns


Wagoner county sheriff Bob Colbert

Just like they do every year, a contingent of county sheriffs met at Oklahoma’s state capitol building to meet with lawmakers and lobby for the things they need. Unlike before, however, they were asked to check in their sidearms after a senator complained Tuesday. So they left, according to Wagoner county sheriff Bob Colbert .

“Everybody in that building knew who we were,” Colbert told Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL. He was asked to remove his weapon, as were the other sheriffs in the group.

“One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building,” he said.

The choice came down to removing their weapons or removing themselves.

“So we all packed up and left,” he said, adding,. “We’re the people that protect these people.”

Some legislators have called to apologize, but the sting’s still present.

“If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re OK in that building, I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something,” he said. “Pretty sad day for me.”

A totally different account of the incident was reported in “The Oklahoman,” a paper serving Oklahoma City, the state capital.

When the group of sheriffs entered the Senate gallery, “the sergeant at arms asked the sheriffs to take off their guns or leave the building,” the Oklahoman reported, confirming the KTUL report. But from there, “The Oklahoman” takes a wildly different turn, relying heavily on testimony from Senate staff.

“But a state Senate official says the sheriffs were only questioned briefly before being allowed back into the Senate gallery, still wearing their service weapons,” the report said.

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250 thoughts on “Insulted sheriffs walk out of meeting at Okla. capitol after being told to remove guns

  1. samuel peterson says:

    AGENDA it.the reality of the upcoming war with our govt for everything we know and own.Be prepared

  2. marcuspiggus says:

    They went from not trusting citizens with firearms to not trusting Sheriffs. That speaks volumes about how much they hate guns.

    1. Liberty Lover says:

      No, it speaks volumes as to how paranoid they are becoming.

  3. jhsif says:

    Well well well! Hows it feel NOW to have YOUR guns taken away?! Where’d the equality before the law go NOW?! Have ALL of the sheriffs ARRESTED and thrown into prison for having weapons in a weapons free zone! Put ’em all in general pop. and let THEM scream their innocence! hee hee hee

  4. Tarred One says:

    So, who was the pissant Senator who complained? Hopefully somebody will out this idiot so that they can be dealt with at the next election.

  5. EdgeOfTheCliff says:

    They Protect and Defend……The Second Amendment. good for them! Way to go!

  6. Bill says:

    Screw the Sheriffs. The whole article smacks of them crying about their special status to carry their weapons. If the public cant carry, disarm the Sheriffs. Disarm the State Police. If the public cant carry, make the entire place a gun free zone. No firearms for any one. I know that is where all the shootings happen but let the legislature live by the rules the rest of us do. Its a risk we have to accept. Good luck.

  7. Will_Mat says:

    Sheriff Colbert, I applaud you, sir!

  8. Marcus Antonius says:

    It is interesting that civilians who are armed both open and concealed are allowed in the State Legislative Building here in Richmond in Virginia. I realize that we are a more civilized place than Oklahoma, but you would think they would be at least equal in Gun Tolerance.

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