Michelle Obama joins creepy ‘nagging’ campaign; stalk your adult kids ‘mercilessly’ on social media


Now that every other avenue to get the nation’s youth insured under Obamacare has failed, the administration has thrown in the towel and is resorting to nagging.

Rhode Island’s Obamacare exchange, HealthSourceRI, has taken the concept of nagging to its creepiest extreme, and even offers what it calls a Nag Toolkit. The kit is designed to give mothers all they need to know in order to nag their kids into Obamacare submission.

“Your kids don’t want to get health insurance,” the kit says. “They also don’t want to get nagged. Let’s find out which one they want less. Help us get your kids insured by nagging them about health insurance where they least expect it.”

From there, moms are encouraged to go to social media and learn specific methods of nagging their offspring “mercilessly” to get them insured.

“Select a tutorial and learn how to be where your kids are,” it says after clicking the Twitter icon. “And how to nag them mercilessly.”

Too confusing? Don’t want to nag them? No problem. In that event, the site suggests “give us your kid’s email address and we’ll do the nagging.”

The Obama administration is also resorting to nagging. In a new video ad, the mothers of celebrities Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys describe what a handful their kids were growing up.

Sometimes they needed nagging, and if they’re uninsured, they need to be nagged at again. The clip closes with Michelle Obama announcing, “We nag you because we love you. Go to healthcare.gov and enroll today.”

If the AffordableCare Act has a snowball’s chance in hell of working, a large percentage of healthy, young adults are needed to sign up for coverage. This hasn’t happened yet, despite many ads directed at America’s youth — most of them tasteless.

I expect the nagging approach will be equally unsuccessful.

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