Sebelius still can’t answer basic questions about Obamacare enrollment

sebeliusTestifying before the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once again said she could not tell how many Obamacare enrollees had actually paid their first month’s premiums.

“People are buying a product in the private market,” she told Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga. “As soon as we have accurate information, we will give it to you,” the Washington Examiner reported.

A survey by consulting firm McKinsey revealed that only 27 percent of the enrollees were previously uninsured – the target group of Obamacare – and only 13 percent had paid their premium.

“That’s a low number compared to what you projected,” stated Price. “Is that consistent with your information?”

“We don’t collect the previously insured,” Sebelius answered, adding that she would pass along the numbers when she had them.

Later on Fox’s Special Report, panelist Charles Krauthammer chided the secretary on her selective memory. He noted that when there was a brief spike in January she readily knew the numbers, but when enrollment later slackened, the information wasn’t available.

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