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Pro-life demonstrators called ‘terrorists,’ assaulted by professor

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Pro-life activists were accosted last week by a university professor, now facing possible theft and assault charges for making off with one of the group’s signs and striking one of the activists. Two of the group’s members appeared Thursday on “The Kelly File.”

Sisters Thrin Short, 16 and Joan Short, 21, with 11 other members of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, demonstrated in the free speech zone at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Prof. Mirelle Miller-Young, with the assistance of several of her students, called the demonstrators “terrorists,” grabbed one of the group’s large signs and made off with it.

The Short sisters told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that when they attempted to retrieve their property, she was shoved and kicked by the professor.

Watch video of the incident and Kelly’s interview of the sisters via Fox News, then check out “Sheila Jackson Lee declares Constitution 400 years old.”


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