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Ever-delusional Pelosi tells Democrats: ‘Run on Obamacare’

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nancypelosiIn a comment reminiscent of “You have to pass the Affordable Care Act to find out what’s in it,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Cal., said on Thursday, “Republicans are wasting their time using that [Obamacare] as their electoral issue, and they will find that out.”

Speaking at her weekly news conference, the House Minority Leader blamed fellow Democrat Alex Sink’s loss in Tuesday’s special election in Florida on low voter turnout in an off-year election, reported The Hill.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Pelosi encouraged Democrats to stick to their guns. “I’m very proud of our House Democrats and how they’ve not only embraced the Affordable Care Act…but how proud they are of it,” she said straight-faced.

She felt that Republicans were misreading the results of Sink’s defeat and that campaigning on the Obamacare issue would backfire. When asked by a reporter if Democratic candidates should shy away from it, she responded, “Absolutely not.”

Pelosi has consistently maintained that the Affordable Care Act will grow in popularity as more Americans reaped its benefits. We will all find out in November how accurately she has read the tea leaves.

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