Defiant, food stamp surfer dude turns down $80K job from Hannity

The lobster-eating, freeloading albeit able-bodied surfer dude who has been the subject of several recent Fox News segments, told Fox host Sean Hannity Thursday that if offered, he wouldn’t be interested in taking a well-paying job.

After noting that Californians pay 60 cents out of every dollar into taxes, Hannity asked Jason Greenslate, 29, “Why should a hard-working person pay any money so that you can practice music?”

“The rules of America, you have to pay taxes,” was all the youth could muster.

When Hannity asked why he didn’t do something that pays money during the day and practice his music at night, Greenslate turned it back on Hannity: “Why don’t you?” he said. In a true touché moment, Hannity replied, “I do,” noting his daytime radio program and his nighttime TV show.

“If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?” the hist finally asked.

“No,” Greenslate replied. 

Watch the full exchange via Fox News, then check out “Sheila Jackson Lee declares Constitution 400 years old.”

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