Defiant, food stamp surfer dude turns down $80K job from Hannity

The lobster-eating, freeloading albeit able-bodied surfer dude who has been the subject of several recent Fox News segments, told Fox host Sean Hannity Thursday that if offered, he wouldn’t be interested in taking a well-paying job.

After noting that Californians pay 60 cents out of every dollar into taxes, Hannity asked Jason Greenslate, 29, “Why should a hard-working person pay any money so that you can practice music?”

“The rules of America, you have to pay taxes,” was all the youth could muster.

When Hannity asked why he didn’t do something that pays money during the day and practice his music at night, Greenslate turned it back on Hannity: “Why don’t you?” he said. In a true touché moment, Hannity replied, “I do,” noting his daytime radio program and his nighttime TV show.

“If I could get you a job that would pay you $80,000 a year driving a truck in North Dakota, would you take it?” the hist finally asked.

“No,” Greenslate replied. 

Watch the full exchange via Fox News, then check out “Sheila Jackson Lee declares Constitution 400 years old.”

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156 thoughts on “Defiant, food stamp surfer dude turns down $80K job from Hannity

  1. soljerblue says:

    No employer in his right mind would give this arschloch a job anyhow.

  2. Kerry Owens says:

    This story is fabricated, a “white surfer dude” from Detroit? Trey using a black rapper for the culprit to get your point across,that’d been more believable.We get it already ,the business community in America through lowered wages is enabeling Americans to qualify.for government assistance thru no job creation & lowered wages.

  3. Barbara Humphries says:

    not everyone getting assistance is lazy. I work full time at Starbucks for the last 3. yrs and I made 21,0000 dollars only last yr. I work 5 days a week every week & have taken only one vacation in the last 3 yrs. lets talk about taxs or healthcare bc I spent over $200 biweekly for my insurance through Starbucks. so my checks are only roughly between 300-400 take home every 2 weeks. i have 2 kids to support and I really rely on foodstamps and those have been cut twice in the past few months bc of the farm bill. I can assure u im not eating lobster

  4. Ralph Sampson says:

    Two legged bag of garbage.

  5. jerome h. says:

    I would take the job in a heartbeat!!! I have the Class A for it too. Our home we were trying to buy has been foreclosed on, the owner ripped us off, the school laid me off in the middle of a pay period…Oh yea, I’d take an 80k/yr job without even blinking.

  6. Stoprunning says:

    I’ve having a hard time deciding which one is the farce. The surfer or the talk show host. His channel has been preaching class warfare for years. Of course, they claim others create class warfare, but, that’s how propaganda works.

  7. Mike Sullivan says:

    This isn’t worth discussing. The poor guy is stupid.

  8. Kathy H says:

    Not to say that him using food stamps to lead this life style ISN’T wrong but South Dakota is 1,138 miles away from California. Which is a pretty big move.

  9. Beowulfsire says:

    Where did he get the escalade and how? This guy has a source of income other than his wannabe band. Not being single, healthy, and male. Not on welfare? Mommy, Daddy, somebody is providing the taste and a large degree of money to provide for a wannabes luxurious lifestyle. Maybe tax them for the dollars he gets from the system? Something really doesn’t make sense? Is this credible? Even his name sounds fishy? Jason Greenslate or operation greenslate?

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