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Confident Huckabee says big-time donors are flocking to him for a run against Hillary

Photo Credit: Fox News

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With his energies tied up in a half dozen enterprises, Mike Huckabee has to be very careful about not announcing that he is running for president. But at long last, well-heeled donors are turning to him and urging him to pick up the cudgel.

Six successful years on Fox News and a weekly radio gig have put to bed the all-important “name recognition factor,” and “there is a different level of interest in me now,” he told the Washington Examiner.

Enthusiasts point to the former Arkansas Governor’s  knowledge of the Clintons, their modus operandi, and his experience in running against women as invaluable assets.

“I certainly know the Clintons; I know Hillary. I’ve had two races against female opponents. I do understand the difference in the dynamics that that brings,” he said.

“People are coming from all over the spectrum,” Huckabee continued, “people who have a history of not talking, but making it work.”

Huckabee’s self-deprecating humor, quick wit, musical showmanship, and down-home manner endear him to most people, and his Arkansas success with Latino voters would easily expand the Republican tent.

He describes a contest with Hillary as “very winnable,” pointing to her indelible signatures on recent history. “There is no glove that can take the fingerprints off some of the things that have happened in her tenure, not only as secretary of state but as a senator, especially within the administration,” he noted.

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