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Apparent illegal immigrant may file $500K lawsuit against rescuers who saved his life

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A Colorado man is considering a lawsuit against the first responders who saved his life during a flash flood last fall, claiming “mistakes were made.”

Roy Ortiz, whose immigration status was being questioned on national TV, said he will file the suit seeking $500,000 in damages if negotiations with Boulder County fail. Ortiz primarily complains of “bad dreams” he claims to suffer because rescue workers didn’t remove him from his submerged vehicle quickly enough.

“You understand why people watching right now might have a sense of anger that you would possibly be suing the rescuers for half a million dollars when your client … is alive,” Fox News host Gretchen Carlson told Ortiz’s lawyer, Ed Ferszt, on Thursday’s edition of “The Real Story.”

When Carlson asked about Ortiz’s legal status, Ferszt said the question was “irrelevant.” But Carlson said the lawyer told her off-camera that he believes Ortiz is undocumented.

“It’s an important point, as we’re looking at all the details of this case,” Carlson told Ferszt.

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