Passerby corners ‘scum of the earth’ thief who punched little boy in face to steal his ipad

Accused petty thief Aaron Stillday never counted on a good Samaritan stealing his thunder, but Mohammad Armeli did just that.

After witnessing Stillday punch a little kid in the face and steal his iPad, the chef chased him for half a mile while talking to a 911 dispatcher on his cellphone, WCCO-TV Minneapolis reported. Armeli eventually cornered Stillday against a wall, until police arrived.

“This is the scum of the earth,” Armeli said. “You cannot hit a child like that. … Blood was all over his face. Could have broken his nose.”

Stillway was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, according to WCCO.

A surveillance camera caught the beating on tape, and when the youngster and his aunt went to the Apple store where the now-destroyed iPad had been purchased, management replaced it with a new one, the TV station said.


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