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‘Makes me sick’: CNN anchor scorns GOP candidate over ‘Price Is Right’ victory music

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo could not wait to scorn Republican candidate David Jolly for playing “The Price Is Right” theme song at his victory rally — Jolly won the special election Tuesday in Florida to replace the late U.S. Rep. Bill Young.

According to Newsbusters, co-anchor Michaela Pereira referenced the choice of music as CNN played a clip of the rally, which prompted Cuomo to say:

“What a metaphor for what politics has become – that they are playing the theme song of The Price Is Right when they celebrate a victory, because it’s about the money! It makes me sick.”

Cuomo was apparently not aware that there was a good reason “they” were playing the song.

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Bob Barker, the former host of The Price Is Right, had not only endorsed Jolly in his bid for Congress, but had also appeared in a television ad on behalf of the candidate.

Or, perhaps, the CNN host was aware and just chose not to divulge this information to viewers.

Tom Tillison


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