Lincoln bust photo bombs Obama, unleashes the snark

Observers have compared President Obama to a more revered Illinois politician — Abraham Lincoln. But if Lincoln were alive today, the feeling wouldn’t be mutual, at least not according to a photo that popped up this week. Twitchy was there to gather the tweets.

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller made an interesting observation Wednesday, and tweeted:

A Twitter user with the handle @redsteeze zeroed right in on Obama and Lincoln bust, and tweeted:

David Burge, who blogs under the name IowaHawk, thought it equally sad that the Lincoln bust had no hands in which to hide his face:

Twitter user Beth Allen picked up on Burge’s observation, and thought it lucky for the president that Lincoln was lacking appendages:

Obama has encouraged comparisons to Lincoln. Before his first inauguration, reported:

Obama will roll into Washington’s Union Station today by train, duplicating part of Lincoln’s railroad journey from Illinois for his swearing in. The president-elect is to appear at a concert tomorrow at the Lincoln Memorial, and will take the oath of office Tuesday with one hand on the Bible that Lincoln used in 1861. Inaugural planners drew so many ties between the Illinois legislators-turned-presidents that Obama may risk straining the comparison.

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Check out more Twitter commentary at Twitchy.


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