Congressman starts singing in bizarre attempt to avoid reporter’s Obamacare questions

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill did not exactly whistle a happy tune, but he did sing a few odd notes, have his aide serve as a blockade, and disconcertingly shun every question concerning Obamacare posed by a persistent reporter.

The Illinois Democrat was noticeably miffed at being confronted with difficult questions by Jason Mattera of Questions like: “If the Affordable Care Act is so affordable, why does the White House continue to rewrite the legislation and bypass Congress?”

The Congressman’s aide gleefully tried to stand in front of the camera, as Mattera made a complete fool of the cowardly lawmaker.

Since the two couldn’t get away from the reporter quickly enough, singing a tune with no discernible words, was the duck and run technique of choice. A unique approach.

The reporter kept his sense of humor, and wrapped up with this final remark:

“I would ask you about your promise to lower healthcare premiums by $2500 but that seems just mean at this point.”

Clearly the worthy gentleman looks forward to his autumn re-election campaign, when his techniques of avoidance and evasion will reach new heights of refinement.


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H/T Independent Journal Review


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