Gutz 2
Congressman starts singing in bizarre attempt to avoid reporter’s Obamacare questions

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill did not exactly whistle a happy tune, but he did sing a few odd notes, have his aide serve as a blockade, and […]

ipad thief
Passerby corners ‘scum of the earth’ thief who punched little boy in face to steal his ipad

Accused petty thief Aaron Stillday never counted on a good Samaritan stealing his thunder, but Mohammad Armeli did just that. After witnessing Stillday punch a little kid […]

‘Makes me sick’: CNN anchor scorns GOP candidate over ‘Price Is Right’ victory music

CNN’s Chris Cuomo could not wait to scorn Republican candidate David Jolly for playing “The Price Is Right” theme song at his victory rally — Jolly won […]

Outspoken conservative teacher says school banned him from attending Obama’s speech

When President Obama and the first lady visited a Miami-area school to talk education, one of its teachers was told to remain in his classroom — alone. […]

Beer fraud video goes viral
Beer fraud video goes viral

If you went to a hockey game and paid $7 for a large beer, you’d probably be pretty upset when you realized the $4 size holds the […]

Lincoln bust photo bombs Obama, unleashes the snark

Observers have compared President Obama to a more revered Illinois politician — Abraham Lincoln. But if Lincoln were alive today, the feeling wouldn’t be mutual, at least […]

Obama tells people to prioritize better; cut cable, cell phone to pay for Obamacare

President Obama participated in a town hall meeting last week with Spanish-language media to sell his signature healthcare law, and was asked a question many Americans are […]

Trey Gowdy’s scorching floor speech: ‘How does going from being a Senator to a president rewrite the Constitution?’

In a second floor speech during debate on the “Enforce the Law Act” Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., contrasted the acts of President Obama with the […]

House passes ‘Enforce the Law Act’ to push back at imperial president; Obama threatens veto

Five Democratic lawmakers joined House Republicans Wednesday in approving a measure allowing Congress to sue the president for not “faithfully” executing U.S. laws. The “Enforce the Law […]

Carney puts happy face on Fla. special election; press laughs at him

White House press secretary Jay Carney claimed Wednesday that Obamacare was not a factor in the GOP win in Florida’s Congressional District 13 special election, characterizing the […]

Obama to anger businesses with order to expand overtime pay

Having previously declared that he has a pen, President Obama will put that instrument to work again in an executive action that critics say will leave many […]

Florida Five: State economists deliver good news, EBT program has liquor loophole

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Herman Cain: GOP Fla. win doesn’t ensure more to come: Republicans mustn’t think the surprise victory of Republican […]