Texas tailgate’s anti-Obama message creates a nationwide buzz

An East Texas man, who wears his political heart on his pickup’s tailgate, stirs controversy wherever he goes and caught the eye of a local TV news team.

Tyler oil and gas man John Graham put an image of President Obama dressed in Arab garb along with the words, “Does this socialist a** make my truck look too big?” on the back of his vehicle in 2009. He said he won’t remove it until the president is out of office, according to local CBS affiliate KYTX-TV.

And it’s not just folks in East Texas who’ve noticed — Graham’s job takes him and his venerable pickup from coast to coast.

“When I first put it on in 2009 when he was installed in office, I had a lot of repercussions of people making language signs to me with their finger,” Graham told KYTX. “But lately I’m seeing the opposite. I’m getting more and more thumbs up.”

He also said that each time he’s been asked to remove it, he pleads the First — Amendment, that is. Graham is a true believer in freedom of speech — and exercises it each time he backs out of his garage,

Watch the news report via KYTV.

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