MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to Dems: You can’t pretend you weren’t part of Obamacare, ‘voters will know you’re full of it’

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd thinks more Democrats should follow Alex Sink’s example.


On the “Morning Joe” program Wednesday, Todd said Democrats on the ballot this fall in races for the House and Senate aren’t going to be able to court voters by avoiding Obamacare, so the best thing they can do is try to find a way to defend the disaster while somehow not sounding defensive.

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Todd appeared as part of a discussion of Tuesday’s election in Florida’s Congressional District 13, where Republican David Jolly defeated Sink in a race both parties poured money and resources into as a local referendum on the Obamacare law.

Jolly staked his campaign on repealing the president’s “signature” achievement. Sink tried to appeal to voters by saying Obamacare needs to be fixed.

Todd said Democrats who try to avoid Obamacare won’t be fooling anyone.

“I kind of think all of those dances, predictable dances — we saw it with Republicans in ’06 with Bush, we saw it with Democrats with Clinton in ’98 — I happen to think it’s a mistake,” he said.

“If you’re a Democrat and you go out there and say, ‘Oh man, health care, it scares me, I don’t want President Obama around,’ voters are going to know you’re full of it, that you’re just playing a game with them.”

The problem with Todd’s using Sink as an example – other than that she lost, of course — is that Sink was an outsider to the office she sought. Obamacare wasn’t her baby. Democrats trying to stay in office in Congress and the Senate don’t have that luxury.

If they try to pretend they weren’t part of this disastrous law, voters are going to know they’re “full of it,” as Todd said.

And if they try to do brag about Obamacare, as Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz pretends they will, voters will know they’re full of it then, too.

Note to Chuck Todd: When a party’s only two options are different ways of showing it’s full of it, it’s full of it.


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