Feds say Hillary Clinton adviser part of illegal ‘shadow campaign’

A federal campaign finance investigation has found evidence that a veteran Hillary Clinton associate solicited funds to pay for an off-the-books program to boost the contender’s 2008 presidential bid, according to court papers cited by The Washington Post.

In court documents released Monday by U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr., longtime Clinton aide Minyon Moore requested money from a well-known Washington rainmaker to finance campaign teams in four states and Puerto Rico.

In a wide-ranging investigation that ensnared accounting titan Jeffrey E. Thompson on federal conspiracy charges, Moore was referred to as “Individual A.” The investigative documents say she received more than $608,000 for increasing minority voter turnout and candidate awareness in Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Puerto Rico, according to The Washington Post.

The filings also portray the former Democratic National Committee executive and Bill Clinton staffer as a key player in working with Thompson in shaping the program’s strategy.

Machen said there was no evidence indicating that Hillary Clinton was ever aware of the illegal operations conducted on her behalf. Federal law prohibits people working on a political campaign from seeking off-the-books funding.

A spokeswoman for Moore’s consulting firm told The Post she was fully cooperating with authorities and “entirely unaware of any inappropriate activities.”


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