Crudely chopped bikini Photoshop has Target offering apology

To “Photoshop” images of models rocking the latest fashion trends to entice shoppers is commonplace in the fashion industry, but the retailer Target took things to a whole other level with some bikini photos.

In fact, the third-largest U.S. retailer went so far, an apology was issued.

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Huffington Post reported on a pitiful attempt by Target to give a bikini model a “thigh gap,” presumably to make her legs look longer. Soon thereafter, Twitter users began calling the retailer out.

This tweet was captured by Twitchy:

Surprisingly, Target responded to the tweet by offering an apology:

And “Alissa O” had plenty of company, as others found the crudely chopped up images offensive, as seen here:


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5 thoughts on “Crudely chopped bikini Photoshop has Target offering apology

  1. Hargraves Ian says:

    What a pity thats all some folks have to talk about, Someone overdid the retouching on the photograph and the editor failed to see it!
    Thank you Target for always having a wonderful, well stocked store to shop in and having a very pleasant and helpful staff!

    1. sherry8260 says:

      You don’t get it, obviously. Its displaying a false image to young girls of what a model, our society’s version of a woman with an “acceptable appearance” should look like. A false sense of reality. Also, Target assumably paid a good amount of money for a professional ad artist…they should sue. Target might have cut corners because this crappy chop-job in their ads would explain cutting costs.

      1. Rob says:

        First of all, it isn’t ‘society’s’ version, it’s women’s version. That’s why all of the women who run women’s magazines and modeling agencies push women to look that way. The vast majority of men do not like fake and emaciated women. Most of those women look like sick addicts. Second, that is not a thigh gap. That is the worst photoshop job on the face of the planet. and for you Mr. Ian, you make middle age white men like myself look like idiots. This was obviously not a mistake that the editor happened to miss. It was just a poor job at an edit that happens on a continual basis. Are you the regional manager for Target?

  2. Scott Caputo says:

    In other news: three-year-old gets photo editing job at Target.

  3. Six Edits says:

    Since equality before the law results in the claim that people have a share in making the law, democratic methods tend to accompany liberty.

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