‘They picked the wrong house’: Off-duty cop in underwear chases down, kills one of 3 home invaders

The police officer was off duty and out of uniform.

But only being clad only in his boxer shorts didn’t stop the six-year Houston police veteran from confronting three home invaders who broke into his home outside Houston last week, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Photo: Want-That.com

After being woken up about 9:30 a.m. Thursday by the sound of a window breaking, the officer went downstairs to find three men, one of them armed with a handgun, the Chronicle reported.

The officer fired twice. When the men fled, the officer – still in his boxers – gave chase.

The armed man should have kept running. Instead, he pointed his gun at the officer, who fired several more times. At least one of the bullets hit the man in the hip.

While two of the home invaders escaped, the officer captured the wounded man as he was trying to climb the fence around the housing complex, according to the Chronicle.

The man died at a local hospital.

“They picked the wrong house,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Thomas Gilliland said.

And he picked the wrong time to stop running.


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