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Union’s rape threats too much for even Obama’s Labor Relations Board

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Even the Obama administration has some standards.

Photo: Libcom.org

Union thugs have threatened rape and implied violence against the children of management at a Washington state grain terminal, a regional director for the generally pro-union National Labor Relations Board charged last week.

According to the Oregonian, Ronald Hooks, the NLRB’s regional director in Seattle, made the accusation after investigating complaints against the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 4 in Vancouver, Wash.

The paper wrote:

Hooks alleged that Local 4 members “threatened to rape the daughter of one of the employer’s managers,” and implied threats to harm a manager’s children by telling him they would “see his children at school” and asking, “are (his) children okay today?”

The union is engaged in a bitter fight with the United Grain Corp. at an export terminal in Vancouver, where the company has locked union members out since February 2013, according to the newspaper. Besides threatening sexual assault, other clever tactics the union has employed include pinning a company security officer’s legs beneath a moving vehicle, using spotlights to blind drivers of vehicles entering and leaving the terminal, throwing rocks at a company guard and hurling racial slurs at black security officers, according to the NLRB.

In short, a real bunch of charmers.

In a separate complaint, according to the Oregonian, the NLRB also accused the company of unfairly locking out the union members and firing those who refused to operate equipment they said was unsafe. That’s standard stuff to throw at a company in a labor dispute and ports in the Pacific Northwest have been a labor-management battleground (sometimes literally) for years.

The real news here is the complaint against the union.

Since the Obama administration owes its very existence in part to support from organized labor, its NLRB is essentially a subsidiary of the union movement. And under a president whose Justice Department found itself unable to bring charges of voter intimidation against New Black Panthers who stood outside a polling place threatening anyone who might have the temerity to vote against Obama back in 2008, the idea of the government taking any action at all against extremists who serve the progressive left is almost unthinkable.

Almost as unthinkable as threatening to rape someone’s daughter.



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