The joke that may have lost John Kerry all his friends at CNN

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Photos: John King via CNN, John Kerry via Rush Limbaugh

Secretary of State John Kerry probably doesn’t have many friends left at CNN after the jab he delivered to the network at Saturday’s prestigious Gridiron Club dinner.

Although jokes and satire are a long-standing tradition at the annual dinner of “Washington’s most prestigious press group,” Kerry’s response to a question from CNN’s John King, though absolutely the truth, probably fell flat with the powers that be at CNN.

According to Dylan Byers from Politico:

During a humorous and well-received speech, Kerry, the evening’s headliner, said that CNN’s John King had asked if the former Massachusetts Senator was considering another presidential bid in 2016.

Kerry’s response: “I am out of politics — and based on the ratings, so is CNN.”

Ouch. And though rare to hear from it Kerry, the truth hurts.

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Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


60 thoughts on “The joke that may have lost John Kerry all his friends at CNN

  1. smogdew says:

    Good comment – however, I wouldn’t believe anything that dumb ‘yes’ man said if it came notarized. After he lied about his ‘dangerous missions’, being shot at, hiding from the enemy etc. in the Viet Nam war, he’s absolutely despicable. His gunboat crew had the courage to come forward and claim their commanding officer was a liar – no such things occurred and it was a relatively calm run.
    FYI, he’s married to Theresa Heinz, heiress of the Heinz food fortune & I’m sure that gives him a false bravura that makes him so repulsive. Next time he goes to Israel, I hope they bury him in the sand….he has always been a jerk.

  2. Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV says:

    That was worthy of a silver star, civilian one that is

  3. cumiadom says:

    Only the ones that love to be lied to.

  4. John Campbell says:

    Ya, that probably threw a little acid in the worn out baking soda.

    Kerry just keeps on giving. :o)

  5. CHARLES says:

    John Kerry, some how told the truth for once, and CNN is not use to the truth. So they went into shock that Kerry told the truth, and double shock when he told the truth about them.

  6. linreis says:

    what difference does it make, really, at this point…
    the good news is Kerry ‘says’ he’s out of politics…wonder when that will start.

  7. Ehuud says:

    When you have a very rich wife, you don’t mind biting the hand that would otherwise feed you.

  8. tom2 says:

    Without politics and his wives’ money, Kerry would starve. He was not very bright. A poor student. A rotten sailor. A slow thinking debater. A lousy lawyer. And a terrible patriot. But he was a good protester, head of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The democrat party was all he had left. Living up to his credentials, he insulted one of his few friends. Very entertaining.

    1. babbott says:

      “And a terrible patriot.”
      What is a “terrible patriot”? That is an oxymoron as much as “jumbo shrimp”. Yes, Kerry is terrible but he is NO patriot. In fact, he is a lying traitor.

      1. tom2 says:

        Point taken.

  9. Jokef1000 says:

    Kerry and CNN are just big jokes.

  10. lildebrarae says:

    One can hope.

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