Painful ‘SNL’ skit mocks pro-life activists, pushes Planned Parenthood agenda

This is what liberal comedy looks like.

A hangover-inducing sketch on “Saturday Night Live” put the pro-abortion movement on display in all its empty glory Saturday night with a five-minute advertisement for Planned Parenthood that tried to reduce the pro-life movement to the exclusive province of weak, white men still smarting from getting dumped when they were 18 in high school.

0310snlThe five-minutes-of-root-canal sketch starred Lena Dunham – the actress whose campaign ad in the fall comparing voting for President Obama with a woman having sex for the first time combined a new low in political discourse with a lower opinion of sexual intercourse. Its one male character was played by SNL staffer Mike O’Brien, a caricature portrayed as a “grassroots activist” who organized protests that closed two Planned Parenthood clinics.

Dunham’s character is repelled. Planned Parenthood, she claims, provides “low-cost medical advice and care” to women. Since neither Dunham’s character on stage nor Planned Parenthood in reality brags about the fact that the organization makes its real money as the country’s single largest abortion provider, the skit skips over the bleeding, deadly reality of PP’s “advice and care” completely.

As the skit’s liberal logic unfolds, the white, progressives personified by Dunham convince the skit’s hot-blooded, heavily accented Latina (played by Cecily Strong) to dump O’Brien. She doesn’t seem to mind much, since “sex wich you is no good” anyway.

On the whole, it’s about as satisfying a fantasy as progressives could ask for: dogmatic white women vanquish weak white men, while patronizingly helping the lower orders whose sole interest in the whole thing is just sexual anyway.

As a sketch on a comedy show, it was remarkably not funny. As a free advertisement for Planned Parenthood’s industrial-sized abortion network, it was remarkably valuable.

But as a look at the intellectual shallowness and essential hypocrisy of the pro-death  “progressive” movement, it was priceless.

For whatever it’s worth, here it is.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


14 thoughts on “Painful ‘SNL’ skit mocks pro-life activists, pushes Planned Parenthood agenda

  1. thesilverspiral says:

    I thought it was hilarious. That guy was such a loser, and the women really put him in his place. Well done, SNL.

    1. Eric G says:

      I guess you are the only one. The audience gave a total of 4 forced laughs through the first half of the skit.

      1. thesilverspiral says:

        Given that you can’t tell the difference between a laugh track and a real audience, and given that you don’t seem to be able to count, I’m not going to put much stock in your opinions.

        1. Eric G says:

          A laugh track? Have you ever been to a SNL show? I have sat next to the main central spot over the years while doing both the dress rehearsal and live broadcasts for SNL since 1982, and I guarantee you there is no laugh track. I also occupied the same position for numerous tapings of Late Night w/ David Letterman. Do you work in the entertainment industry? Have you ever set foot in any of the studios at NBC? Please tell me you have so I can be educated about your level of personal and first hand experience as to how SNL is produced and broadcast. The sad truth about this skit is it was so un-funny, the feeble laughs heard sounded just like a laugh track.

          1. thesilverspiral says:

            What a convenient career for you to have for this discussion! It still doesn’t change the fact that you can’t count. And what really matters here isn’t how funny the piece is, but that it’s getting across a very important piece of information. But sure, har har, it only got four laughs. Whatever you say. When there are gangs of urchins roaming the streets picking pockets because women don’t have access to birth control, I’m sure you’ll find it utterly hilarious.

          2. Richard F says:

            Eric is a complete ARSE. Good come back to moronic reply.

          3. Eric G says:

            Thanks Richard, you again provide us with an excellent example of your superior prose.

          4. Richard F says:


          5. Phil Gwinn says:

            Your response is hyperbolic in the extreme and serves as a great reason to defund public education.

            Birth control ranges from free to cheap. And no prescription is needed. All it takes is a bit of planning on your part and possibly a small amount of self discipline.

          6. Eric G says:

            Keep drinking the Kool Aid and hang on to the fallacy that women don’t have access to birth control. Also, nice way to acknowledge your mistake about the laugh track. Typical comeback-make a statement, then proven wrong, then completely ignore the proof and go on to something else.

    2. The Right Fight says:

      Those weren’t real-life people … those were actors playing scripted roles.

  2. Phil Gwinn says:

    Just imagine the outrage had that been exactly reversed. SNL was a lot funnier when Landshark and Coneheads ruled.

  3. Dopple Gang says:

    Since we can’t predict civilization a century from now, it is incorrect to think that progress simply depends upon applying today’s ideas.

  4. Abunchofbullshit says:

    She forgot to mention the half million abortions the Planned Parenthood does a year…..that’s some “Planning”!

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