Ted Cruz doubles down on ABC: Obamacare repeal will be matter of survival for Dems

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday doubled down on his weekend vow that “every word of Obamacare” will be repealed.

tedcruz0309In an interview with Jon Karl on ABC’s “This Week,” Cruz said it was a matter of survival for Democrats – even if Karl called it “a bizarre proposition.”

“I’ll give you one scenario,” Cruz said. “If there’s something that unifies politicians of both parties, is their top priority is preserving their own hide.

“If enough congressional Democrats realize they either stand with Obamacare and lose, or they listen to the American people and have a chance of staying in office, that’s the one scenario we could do it in 2015. If not, we’ll do it in 2017.”

When Karl scoffed openly – in a way no mainstream interviewer ever would with a Democrat politician – Cruz was undeterred.

“It’s the most unpopular law in the country,” he said. “Millions of people have lost their jobs, lost their health care … and right now, Washington isn’t listening to those people. That’s how we win elections, that’s also how we repeal Obamacare.”

Check out the video here.


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