SNL skit: Wimpy Obama mans up to Putin with special effects, shirtless horseback and Liam Neeson

snl neeson

With the help of actor Liam Neeson, the cold open of “Saturday Night Live” gave President Obama a Hollywood-style makeover.

Known for his tough-guy character in the blockbuster suspense movie “Taken,”  Neeson was introduced by fake Obama, Jay Pharoah, to speak directly to Vladimir Putin.

“Recently I got a very disturbing call,” Neeson said. “Crimea had been taken. I hate it when things are taken.”

After delivering an overly dramatic message to Russia’s president, glaringly filled with empty threats and spoken in an emphatic voice (not unlike President Obama’s past messages), Neeson introduced a clip of a video where he advised “the president” on what would help make him look tough. The video is complete with Hollywood effects, explosions and bare-chested Obama on a horse.

Not the funniest SNL skit, but a pretty good show of how Hollywood will probably portray Obama in the multiple nauseating life stories they are sure to make.

Watch via NBC:

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Michele Kirk


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