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Oliver North: Obama ‘draws phony red lines with a pink crayon’

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While many spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, few carried the gravitas of retired U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, when he praised the military and slammed President Obama on foreign policy.

“We don’t need a head of state who guts our defenses and draws phony red lines with a pink crayon,” he said, referring to Obama’s “red-line” statement during the Syrian crisis. “Yes, I did say that.”

The men and women of the armed services deserve a better commander-in-chief, he said.

“It’s been 13 years since I started covering, reporting, and documenting what our American heroes do,” North said. “My heroes are not people who catch passes in the end zone or set Olympic records, or even those who appear on comic books or creations of television in a spandex suit and a cape. In fact, my heroes wear flak jackets and combat boots and flight suits.”

“Real heroes are selfless,” he said. “They put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. That’s the definition of a hero.”

Watch North’s  CPAC speech here:

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