Fox’s Eric Bolling schools ‘dummy’ Jon Stewart on food stamp abuse

Fox News host Eric Bolling had to explain a few facts of life this weekend to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart about food stamp abuse – and challenged Stewart to an appearance on Fox to do something about it.

On Saturday’s “Cashin’ In” program on Fox, Bolling responded to a Stewart bit from earlier in the week complaining about Republicans mistrust of federal entitlement programs.

ericbolling0309newTo a national audience, the man so juvenile he wants to be Bill Maher when he grows up, explained that food stamps “can only be used for food.”

Stewart illustrated it with an acronym “FOOD,” which he said stood for “Food stamps can only be used for food-O-O-Dummy.”

(There was some laughter and applause, but not even a Jon Stewart fan could have thought that was really funny.)

On Saturday, Bolling tried to clue the millionaire comedian in on some food-stamp realities:

“Let me school you, Mr. Stewart,” he said. “Food stamps aren’t just being used for food. A lot of clowns are withdrawing cash from their EBT cards and spending it on other things – like booze, weed and lap-dancing.”

Then came the challenge:

“By the way, Jon, you’re welcome to come on the show any time to debate it.


Check out Bolling on video here.


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