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Emily Miller: ‘Assault weapon’ a made-up term to scare the public

Photo credit: dailycaller.com

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The Washington Times’ opinion editor Emily Miller took Fox Business News’ Kennedy to the gun range to point out “the ins and outs of her Sig Sauer,” Kennedy began. “That’s her gun — not her husband,” she added.

Saturday’s segment of “The Independents” was dubbed “The Gun Show,” and was dedicated to everything that goes bang and makes holes. Guests included Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano and Fox News host Geraldo Rivera. But it was Kennedy’s segment with Miller that was the most fun.

After the time on the range, Miller discussed Washington, D.C.’s draconian gun laws, making it all but impossible for a law-abiding resident to even possess a gun in his own home. That was also the subject of Miller’s book, “Emily Gets Her Gun.”

“It took me four months to get a gun,” Miller said. “And it cost me $435 in fees for the 17 steps they established.”

She contrasted that process to that in neighboring Virginia where the process takes 10 minutes. “And they have much, much lower crime in Virginia,” she said.

She also discussed misleading terms used by the public, such as “assault weapons.” She noted the term was established by the left to mislead the public.

Watch the full exchange below.


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