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‘Deal killer’: Why some conservatives won’t support Ben Carson for president

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Dr. Benjamin Carson’s rip-roaring speech Saturday had the Conservative Political Action Conference attendees all fired up — everyone except The Blaze’s Dana Loesch, who said Carson’s support for gun control is a deal killer for her.

Carson has been a darling of the right ever since his address at the National Prayer Breakfast last year, when he repeatedly attacked the president’s policies, with Obama seated less than 10 feet away.

Carson’s CPAC speech revived the same excitement, and elicited thoughts of a presidential run. Many took to Twitter using the hashtag #RunBenRun. Here are a few examples, the first from Independent Journal’s Kira Davis:

That, in turn, brought suggestions on a running mate:

None of it was lost on Carson himself. National Review Online quoted him as saying:

But you could almost hear the tires squeal and smell the burning rubber as Loesch threw the brakes on all talk of a Carson presidential campaign. She tweeted:

That drew at least one objection:

But Loesch shot that down right away with this rejoinder:

And she’s right. When a politician starts fooling around with a constitutional right, it’s time to move on. Surgeon general, perhaps?

The “tolerant” left, meanwhile, had a different complaint. Liberals used the occasion to renew cries of “Uncle Tom” and “token black.” Some things never change.

Check out more tweets in the Carson for President debate at Twitchy.


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