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Rick Perry tells conservatives: ‘It’s time for a little rebellion’

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry woke up Friday’s early-morning crowd with what may have been the best speech of the Conservative Political Action Conference’s first two days.

“It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the Constitution establishes as the federal government’s role,” Perry said. “Defend our country, provide a cogent foreign policy, and what the heck, deliver the mail, preferably on time and on Saturdays.”

His animated delivery had everyone on their feet, cheering????, “Perry for president.”

“Get out of the health care business,” he boomed, with his arms raised in the air. “Get out of the education business. Stop hammering industry. Wake the sleeping giant of American enterprise.”

The federal government needs to adopt principles that make the red states successful and reject those that have caused blue states to fail — even if it takes “a little rebellion,” Perry said.

“Our place in the world is weakened. So I have a simple solution: It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas,” he said. “We have demonstrated that no state can tax and spend its way to prosperity, but with the right policies, you can grow your way there.”

Perry’s performance wasn’t lost on CPAC’s next speaker.

“My friend, Gov. Perry, is kind of a tough act to follow this morning,” U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said.

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