Muslim’s ban of Noah movie sparks ‘Fatwa this!’ T-shirt talk on The Five

Fox News’ “The Five” took on censors in Egypt for wanting to ban the biblical epic, “Noah,” for being “irreligious.”

Al-Azhar, Egypt’s most influential Islamic group, is angered by the film’s portrayal of a prophet, according to Fox News.

Starring actors Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, the Paramount Pictures film is based on the story of Noah’s Ark.

“Muslims seem to have intolerance to everything except their way of thinking,” “The Five” co-host Eric Bolling said Friday.

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“These are supposedly secular states that are doing this, and that means you ought to be able to put something on in a movie theater that’s not under Sharia law,” co-host Bob Beckel said. “I think Sharia law is a waste of time anyway, and it was handed down in a bad book.

“Have I got myself my fatwa yet?” Beckel added. “Fatwa this!”

A fatwa is a non-binding ruling by religious scholars on a point of Islamic law.

“I think we should start selling ‘Fatwa this!’ T-shirts on ‘The Five’s’ website,” Andrea Tantaros chimed in later.

Three other Arab countries have already banned the film.

“Censors for Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE officially confirmed this week that the film will not release in their countries,” a Paramount Pictures representative told Reuters.


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