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LSD-laced Wal-Mart beef costs Fla. family trip to the ER; induced labor on pregnant woman

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A steak dinner turned into an unexpected trip to the emergency room for a pregnant Florida woman and her family after they ate beef laced with LSD.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, doctors induced labor for Jessica Rosado, 31 and nine months pregnant, and had to insert breathing tubes into her boyfriend, 24-year-ol, Ronnie Morales and her two children, ages 7 and 6.

lsdsteak0308newRosado’s baby boy was apparently unharmed by the drug, the newspaper reported.

The incident occurred on Monday, but police did not determine until Friday that the meat packaging was the source of the drug, according to the Times.

Police are investigating how and where the hallucinogenic got inserted into the package of the prepackaged bottom round the family purchased at a local Wal-Mart, police chief Jane Castor said.

“The family has no idea where this may have come from and there’s no indication of any involvement on the part of the family,” she said.

According to the Times, the trouble started shortly after the family ate its first dinner at the home they just moved into. Morales began to feel ill enough that Rosado took him to a nearby hospital. There, she and the two children began experiencing hallucinations, the Times reported.

At a news conference, Castor declined to speculate about how much LSD was involved, but said she had never heard of a LSD patient who required a breathing tube.

The Wal-Mart location turned over its meat stock for testing, even though it was unknown whether the tampering took place before or after the tainted meat was purchased.

As the country’s largest employer, and a go-to villain for libs the world over because of its staunch opposition to labor unions, Wal-Mart is acutely sensitive to its public image.

In a statement, it called the incident deeply disturbing and vowed to work with authorities to solve the mystery.

“We want answers, and we’re committed to working with officials to get to the bottom of this,” the statement said.

For PR purposes, it’s an acid test.


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