Laura Ingraham calls Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech ‘a serious miscalculation’

ingraham_factorFilling in for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Friday, talk radio host Laura Ingraham weighed in on some of the speakers at this year’s CPAC gathering near Washington, D.C., including “a few Republicans who may need to do some reputation rehab with the base.”

Ingraham said N.J. Gov. Chris Christie gave a “terrific speech, mostly on the economy, and was well received.”

Turning to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Ingraham said the potential 2016 presidential contender “believes that conservatives will forget their immigration irritation with him because of his muscular, more aggressive stance on foreign policy.”

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“I think this is a serious miscalculation,” she said. “Americans overwhelmingly respect and support our military; they are not isolationists. But they also want our attention and our money focused on the home front.”

Pointing to Syria as an example, she cautioned that Rubio “will follow in the footsteps of John McCain” at a time when most want “a more humble foreign policy that focuses strictly on America’s national interest.”

She also reminded viewers that McCain is now the most unpopular senator in America, according to Public Policy Polling.


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