Laura Ingraham calls Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech ‘a serious miscalculation’

ingraham_factorFilling in for Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on Friday, talk radio host Laura Ingraham weighed in on some of the speakers at this year’s CPAC gathering near Washington, D.C., including “a few Republicans who may need to do some reputation rehab with the base.”

Ingraham said N.J. Gov. Chris Christie gave a “terrific speech, mostly on the economy, and was well received.”

Turning to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Ingraham said the potential 2016 presidential contender “believes that conservatives will forget their immigration irritation with him because of his muscular, more aggressive stance on foreign policy.”

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“I think this is a serious miscalculation,” she said. “Americans overwhelmingly respect and support our military; they are not isolationists. But they also want our attention and our money focused on the home front.”

Pointing to Syria as an example, she cautioned that Rubio “will follow in the footsteps of John McCain” at a time when most want “a more humble foreign policy that focuses strictly on America’s national interest.”

She also reminded viewers that McCain is now the most unpopular senator in America, according to Public Policy Polling.


Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


8 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham calls Marco Rubio’s CPAC speech ‘a serious miscalculation’

  1. Myles Cirillo says:

    I believe she’s right. I was in support of Rubio until his true RINO self came out with the immagration stupidity bill.

  2. CHARLES says:

    We do have serious threats abroad, but right now our greatest enemies are already within our government, and in and around our borders. We are crumbling from within just like Rome. We are fighting for our very existence right now here at home.

  3. electricjack says:

    Sorry but that rino new yorker Laura is wrong as usual. Someday she will leave the swamp of dc an come to the real America

  4. dan'l says:

    Any serious contemplation of the constitutionality of Rubios presidential qualification explains why the GOP has been so lax in persuing the qualification and subsequent disastrous presidency of Barack Obama. Neither has the qualification to be president.

  5. PTripp says:

    I agree. Both McCain and Rubio lost their Conservative American creds when they came out in support of Amnesty for illegal aliens and not solving any of the real problems with immigration like enforcing current law.

    The southern border fence has been law since 1996 yet still isn’t built. The money has been in the budget, but the Obamastration reappropriates the funds to his non-enforcement efforts like stopping deportations of all but violent criminal illegals. He knows Harry Reid will never allow a bill specifically to fund the fence’s completion see the light of day in the Senate.

    Their bluster on foreign diplomacy can’t distract us from remembering that they are basically against our sovereignty, both physical and economic security, and even the rule of law.

  6. absurdwhiteguy says:

    Ingram is just another reason the republican candidate will be something akin to Bushney, assuring the dims and Billary the White House. Its time to get our final affairs in order.

  7. lowCal90 says:

    Since we can see many of the efforts going on around us in a free market, we can use that information to decide upon which skills to obtain, what knowledge to learn, and where best to focus our energies.

  8. Nuff_said2 says:

    This is a man who shamelessly took office with the help of the teaparty. When seeking their help and during his campaign he never once gave indication that his first major foray as a Senator would be to shove amnesty ( no matter what he calls it) down the throats of his constituents and all of America. I will not forget, I will not donate to, I will not support and I will not vote for such a disingenuous fraud. He is exactly what’s wrong with our system and it’s politicians. He broke trust with the voters and does not deserve any office notwithstanding his attempts to burnish his conservative credentials. Actions speak louder than words.

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