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Teleprompter trouble? Obama misspells ‘Respect’ during tribute to Aretha Franklin

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At a White House reception and performance Thursday honoring the “Women of Soul,” President Barack Obama paid special tribute to Aretha Franklin’s iconic song, “Respect,” but unlike Franklin, he had trouble spelling it.

ABC News White House producer Mary Bruce first took note and tweeted:


Accidentally? He appeared to be staring directly at the teleprompter when he spelled it. Here’s the video of the president’s remarks from the evening via the White House. He makes his flub at about the 3:23 mark.

The moment reminded ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl of then-Vice President Dan Quayle’s own spelling misadventure. He retweeted his colleague with one addition:


Someone else blamed the whole thing on the “teleprompter of the United States”:


But another user noted this wasn’t the president’s first gaffe:


And finally, another Twitter user decided to just go with it, and changed the lyrics of Franklin’s song to fit:


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