Female pilot slams sexist jerk who said ‘cockpit no place for a lady’

The ignorant, sexist male passenger on a WestJet flight from Calgary who complained that a female was piloting the plane was properly, and publicly, slammed back into his pathetic place in the modern, free world by the pilot.

“David,” in seat 12E, left the following, now viral, note, obtained by Fox News, for pilot Carey Smith Steacy, one of WestJet’s 58 female pilots, after she safely landed him at his destination:


Steacy, who posted the napkin note, then brilliantly responded to “David’s” antiquated ideas about a woman’s place in 2014 on her Facebook wall:

(Note: the post has since been removed from her wall, but Fox published it in its entirety).

To David in 12E on my flight #463 from Calgary to Victoria today. It was my pleasure flying you safely to your destination. Thank you for the note you discreetly left me on your seat. I respectfully disagree with your opinion that the ‘cockpit,’ (we now call it the flight deck as no cocks are required), is no place for a lady. In fact, there are no places that are not for ladies anymore.

You made sure to ask the flight attendants before we left if I had enough hours to be the Captain so safety is important to you, too. I have heard many comments from people throughout my 17-year career as a pilot. Most of them positive. Your note is, without a doubt, the funniest. It was a joke, right? RIGHT?? I thought, not.

You were more than welcome to deplane when you heard I was a ‘fair lady’. You have that right. Funny, we all, us humans, have the same rights in this great free country of ours. Now, back to my most important role, being a mother.

Needless to say, Steacy has received overwhelming support from users on social media, including this non-sexist man:



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