Rutgers faculty members protest Condi Rice as graduation speaker; Hannity calls out professor

A Rutgers University professor told Sean Hannity Wednesday that he and other faculty members are protesting the school’s decision to have Condoleezza Rice deliver its commencement address, because she allegedly misled the American people. Yet he sees nothing wrong with inviting President Obama, who told the “Lie of the Year.”

The board announced it will pay Rice, who served as George W. Bush’s secretary of state, $35,000 to speak and award her an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

The faculty members base their objection to Rice on her alleged misstatements regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, as well as her approval of enhanced interrogation methods directed at prisoners.

When Rutgers University Professor Rudolph Bell laid his argument against Rice out to the Fox News host, Hannity asked his opinion of Obama speaking at commencement after misleading the American people with his, “If you like your plan, you can keep it” statement.

“The reason for inviting Obama would be because of his office,” Bell said, adding he’d have no objection to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaking either.

Hannity pointed out that Rice’s office was also considerable — “A black secretary of state?” he asked.

Hannity said the whole thing boils down to freedom of speech and Bell’s lack of support for it.

“You should be thankful to God you got somebody as qualified as her and I bet you’re not gonna get qualified people if you keep acting this way,” Hannity said.

Watch the exchange via Fox News, then check out “Chris Christie’s 4-word answer that made town hall crowd go crazy.”

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