Report: Putin threatens to use Ukrainian women, children, as human shields

A video surfaced Tuesday in which some translators say Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently threatened to use Ukrainian women and children as human shields during any Russian invasion of that country.

Putin made his comments at a Moscow press conference held Tuesday, according to Russia Today, which posted four excerpts from the conference with English translations. The Russian-only excerpt was not among the four.

Frontpage Mag reported the translation like this: 

Putin: Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. I want you to correctly understand me.

If we reach that decision, only if we reach that decision, it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.

Let me see who in the Ukraine will give such an order.

BizPac Review contacted Dmitry Levin to translate the president’s words. Levin immigrated from the Soviet Union in 1988.

His translation:

“We don’t want to do it, but we will, we will do it only in order to protect Ukrainian citizens. We will put their women and children in front of our troops, not behind, but in front and we will be hiding our solders behind them. I dare any Ukrainian commander to give an order to shoot at such crowd.”

He’ll place Ukrainian women and children in harms way to protect Ukrainian citizens?

This is how Russia Today reported it:

“We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”

Russia Today makes it sound as though women and children being used as human shields would be a voluntary act on their part.

Levin attached this note to his translation.

“It’s not only the barbarism of such intention, but total lack of shame to announce it publicly.” he said. “Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Andropov at least used some public decorum.”

As an aside, CBS News announced Wednesday that Putin was being nominated to receive the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

Watch the video here, then check out “Chris Christie’s 4-word answer that made town hall crowd go crazy.”


16 thoughts on “Report: Putin threatens to use Ukrainian women, children, as human shields

  1. morgus says:

    Sorry I don’t believe this, Putin has every right to be Crimea as supported by a 1997 treaty between Russia and Ukraine. I thought Biz Pac was smarter than the msm, my mistake for thinking otherwise.

    1. factsobill says:

      What gives him a pass at imperialism! Oh, that’s right. Obama has no high moral ground after Libya! Putin has Obama right where the new Sino-Russian alliance wants Obama!

      1. The EUSSR has been on US military welfare since WW2… Queerdaffy was on the UN Human Rights Commission, but he wanted gold for his oil instead of fiat currency…

        Die jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb.

        Who bombed Orthodox Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

    2. Obama, McCain, Clinton, Romney, Bush, Kerry, etc. are all full of shít just like the European Union…

      I won’t fight a war for any of them, none of them are protecting the borders of the United States, they are all traitors and are not worth defending.

      You do find Russian soldiers on the Russian border and you won’t find any gay pride marches.

      “Spread the other cheek” is a horrible military strategy… While Leon Puñettas was so busy with gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon, three Navy Seals and a U.S. ambassador were murdered.

  2. PatriotInk says:

    Obloody and his comrade, Putin, have at least one thing in common…they are really good at killing people. No wonder Obloody is flexible with his communist ally, the false narrative by the Marxist Stream Media notwithstanding…

  3. gatekeeper96740 says:

    I doubt this story is true. Putin wouldn’t say something like that.

    1. true says:

      Well – I ‘m bilingual and, no nothing got lost in the translation.

      1. gatekeeper96740 says:

        Not according to others who read it.

  4. Boston You says:

    Patriots: Defend liberty from the ideological highwaymen in our midst:

  5. Samovar says:

    That’s not what he said at all! It’s a deliberate mistranslation! He said that people who disagree with each other in Ukraine won’t be shooting at their own people, their own women and children, and Russia (since it’s not Russian war, which he said in the cut out part) will not be there in the front lines.

  6. faxxmaxx says:

    Well, I’ve always wondered why Dick changed parties after working for Bill. Now I know why. It’s very disappointing to be conned by someone you thought was on your side. Yeah sure, I’ll just take your word for it Dick, when pigs fly.

  7. Grant says:

    My wife is from a former Soviet Republic and she said the what she translated was the same as the first quote in the article, I repeat the first quote in the article. I did not tell her who it was speaking, after she translated it I asked her did that person say this and she said no. I showed her this article and she said the first quote was 100% what he said.

  8. Chantal Chauvet says:

    Here is a translate of the conference. When you read what went before and after, he means that the Ukrainian citizens would stand with him and the Russian troops.

  9. Spikelover says:

    I don’t believe this. i’m canceling my subscrition to Dick Morris now. I thought you were above this sort of thing.

    1. Alondra says:

      You are CORRECT. Do NOT believe the LIARS.

      Please see my comment above your comments and there is a link with the full Mr.Putin’s press conference. I did find it with translation on English for you. My native language is Russian, so I watch the full press conference on Russian.

      Please pay attention that Mr. Putin was taken ALL questions journalists had and he treated them with respect not like Kenyan Narcissist treats our journalists with arrogance.

      If you will have any question about Russia-Ukraine-Crimea please feel free to ask me. You can click on my Avatar and then click on the “Follow” and you can find on what thread I am.

      Please watch these videos, this is an eye-opener:

  10. Alondra says:

    L I A R S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VICIOUS LIARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear People, watch this Video. It’s about YOUR and YOURS Health and Life:

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