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Obama instructs audience how not to faint while he speaks

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President Obama was on the lookout for fainting worshipers attendees at Wednesday’s campaign speech in Connecticut on raising the minimum wage.

Taking a moment to acknowledge that some people didn’t have chairs to sit in at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain while he pleaded his case for Congress to raise the minimum wage, he suggested “if you’re standing up, make sure to bend your knees so you don’t faint.”

fainting pregnant ladyMany will recall the pregnant woman who fainted during an Obama speech last fall, and certainly the many people who have fainted in the heat of the summer when Obama was on the campaign trail.

evangelicals worshiping
“Evangelicals worshiping” Photo: Internet Monk

But there was no indication anyone was feeling light headed in cold Connecticut listening to Pope Francis, Elvis, President Obama.

But, when you’re a narcissist…

Watch the video from Real Clear Politics:

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