A single achievement? DNC members ‘ready for Hillary’ stumped

It would be amusing if it weren’t so frightening to watch Democrats, who gleefully claimed they are “ready for Hillary” Clinton for president in 2016, stand baffled and in complete silence when asked to name one single accomplishment she had as former secretary of state.

Dan Joseph with MRCTV asked several Democrats during the Democratic National Committee Winter Meeting in Washington last week to name Clinton’s “greatest accomplishment” – something, anything.

It’s not an exaggeration to say the question absolutely stumped several of the interviewees.

Foreign policy? Um.

Leadership? Err.

Anything? Well, she married Bill and was first lady for eight years! That’s something.

One young woman – who you just know would run to cast her vote for Hillary for president someday because she likes Clinton’s “abortion standpoint” – offered typical liberal logic in explaining that though she “honestly” couldn’t name an accomplishment, she “thoroughly believes that there is reason Obama put her [as secretary].”

Another man who couldn’t name anything Clinton has ever done said it wasn’t so much that she had any great accomplishments, but “actually more that she didn’t create a problem.”

#RememberBenghazi, sir.

Heck, one lady, who thinks first lady experience is a qualifier for president, is already looking way ahead as she told Joseph “a lot of people are already talking about Michelle Obama and what an incredible candidate she would be.”

Joseph was given enough fodder to make a must-watch hilarious video compilation of responses, but remember: these people, may God help us, do vote.

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