Texas turmoil for Dems! Pro-impeachment, anti-Obamacare Democrat pulls primary shocker

A Texas Democrat who hates Obamacare and wants to impeach the president is one of the party’s top candidates for Senate after a primary Tuesday cut a crowded field down to two.

Photo: Huffington Post

Kesha Rogers, a far-left follower of perennial presidential fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche, finished second in a five-candidate race, according to the Associated Press. She will square off with David Alameel, a multimillionaire dentist, in a May 27 primary.

The two are competing for the nomination to replace Sen. John Cornyn, the Republican incumbent won his own primary Tuesday easily.

Since Rogers isn’t  a Republican, tea party “extremist,” the liberal media have avoided giving her much of a platform since her failed campaign for Congress in 2012, but she’s no shrinking violet.

According to The Hill, besides wanting to impeach the president and repeal Obamacare, Rogers advocates “ ‘crushing Wall Street’ …. In the past, she’s drawn Hitler mustaches on Obama posters and likened ObamaCare to practices of Nazi doctors.”

And she forced a phenomenally wealthy candidate backed by the Texas Democrat establishment into a runoff with a campaign that received only $27,000 in donations.

Texas Democrats should be quaking.

If Rogers were a conservative fringer who’d managed to force an establishment Republican candidate into a primary runoff for a U.S. Senate seat, she would have been on all the morning talk shows today. On NBC, Rachel Maddow would be snarling; Chris Mattews would be weeping.

Instead, she’s a Democrat, and the media attention is minimal. And come May 28, she could be the Democratic candidate for Senate running on a platform of impeachment and Obamacare repeal.

Now that she’s forced a runoff against a wealthy, well-endorsed businessman, it’s going to be tough for the mainstreamers at the New York Times and the non-Fox networks to keep ignoring her.

This should be fun.


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